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Former Cop Offers $50,000 For Radar Jammer That Works

Radar Roy” leads crusade to stop misleading claims

Radar-Roy-Phazer-II-useless The ads say the radar jammer keeps police radar from detecting your automobile. For the price of the jammer, you can drive as fast as you want and never get a speeding ticket.

That’s what the ad claims, but Radar Roy disagrees. And the nationally known radar authority is offering $50,000 to anyone who can produce a passive jammer that really works. “Radar jammers are not effective against traffic radar. They’re also illegal, ” Roy says. It is a federal felony to jam, or attempt to jam, police radar guns.

Repeated tests conducted by police departments nationwide have shown radar jammers are ineffective. Yet jamming devices continue to proliferate. “We even saw the Radio Shack chain start selling the RMR jammer recently and some states are investigating other sellers,” Roy said.

Radar Roy is Arizona’s Roy Reyer, a retired cop and sheriff who has almost 30 years experience in the traffic industry. His site, www.RadarJammer.com is a top information source for traffic radar jammers.

For years Roy offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who could show a radar jammer that worked. “I’m confident I’ll never get a taker. And that’s the point. These jammers are a fraud committed on the public and people continue to buy them,” Roy said.

Roy personally challenged the owner of the leading manufacture of jamming devices, Michael Churchman of Rocky Mountain Radar. Roy says he was turned down and told Churchman had nothing to prove, his products work.

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Radar Roy has been featured in many national and international news publications including UPN Network, the Fox Network, CNBC, the Speed Channel and is today considered by many in our industry as the leading expert in speeding ticket tactics avoidance and products expert.

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