About Rocky Mountain Radar

Michael Churchman founded Rocky Mountain Radar in 1989 from his Denver home.

RadarRoyvsRMR2-1Mike’s First Radar Jammers

The first radar jammer products Mike advertised were the Spirit and the Eclipse. Ads for these units were placed in car and truck magazines and represented as radar jammers.

The ads also stated that these units were completely legal.

Media Circus Puts RMR on the Map

Although they didn’t do their own tests, media outlets looking for the next big story began to do stories on Mike’s new invention.

mike-raulArticles were published that raved about this incredible device that would protect you from ever receiving a traffic ticket.

One such news story was published by the Denver Post, on the front page of the business section. Without doing any factual research on the product at all, the reporter stated that the jammer “guards against X and K bands and the Ka with the super-wide band and instant-on radar by reflecting the radar signal and the FM signal.”

Rocky Mountain Radar was now on the map.

The Truth is Revealed

Finally, consumer advocates began researching these claims. Tom Martino, a syndicated “consumer watchdog” radio show host, tested Rocky Mountain Radar products and found them to be totally ineffective at jamming any police radar or laser signal.

Radar Roy Issues $50,000 Reward!

After Radar Roy’s on camera $50,000 challenge aired on the UPN Network and other national television news shows such as ABC 20/20, CBS Good Morning, Extra and American Journal also aired documentaries showing that NONE of Rocky Mountain Radar products worked as they advertised.

FCC Rules Against Rocky Mountain Radar

Because of all this new found publicity, Michael Churchman also got the attention of the Federal Communication’s Commission and in 1997 the United States Court of Appeals 10th Circuit Court, ruled that Rocky Mountain Radar’s marketing practices and claims where untruthful and illegal.

Radio Shack Sells, then Drops RMR Products

Rocky Mountain Radar’s biggest coupe came in 2003 when Radio Shack started selling RMR products from their stores and web site.

However six months later, when besieged by consumer complaints and refunds they stopped selling all of RMR products.

Rocky Mountain Radar Today

Because of the efforts of Radar Roy and this website RadarJammer.com many people who were considering purchasing one of Rocky Mountain Radar’s products changed their minds and ended up purchasing something that Radar Roy recommends that actually works.

Thus Michael Churchman’s company is in near shambles as customers and distributors have become educated about his fraudulent products and claims.