American Journal Tests the Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer

b>Air Date: December, 1997
Summary: American Journal, Does It Do What They Say
Correspondent: Kit Hoover

Kit Hoover:

It has a name straight out of a Star Trek show, The Phazer, but does it work?

Each year police officers write over seven million speeding tickets. But Rocky Mountain Radar says that they have found a way to “foil the fuzz”; The Phazer.

In national newspaper ads and at the Las Vegas trade shows they claim that they will pay your speeding ticket if you’re stopped.

Scene One

Bergen County Sheriff’s deputies test the product against their speed detection devices. The deputies got a lock each and every time using their police laser and radar guns.

On a scale from one to ten how effective was it? “It was totally ineffective.

A second set of tests was done at a mile long race track with electrical engineer Tom Frank. Again The Phazer failed at jamming. “If I had to grade this unit I would give it an F, it did absolutely nothing, its a waste of money“.

Rocky Mountain Radar’s Bogus Testimonials

When Rocky Mountain was contacted, they responded with bogus testimonials. Tennessee officials said that they never tested The Phazer and Nevada said it only worked sporadically.