Best Buy Defrauding Its Customers, Selling Illegal Rocky Mountain Radar Products!

bestbuy2My family and I have such loyal customers of Best Buy that they rewarded us with a Premier Silver RewardZone card. But tonight I came close to shredding it when I found that they were selling Rocky Mountain Radar’s products on their website, therefore I’m boycotting their stores and asking for your help!

Evidently the buyers for Best Buy never performed their due diligence on Mr. Churchman because if they did they would had learned about slew of complaints filed against him with the Federal Trade Commission and the El Paso Better Business Bureau.

They may had also found television news documentaries such as ABC’s 20/20, CBS Good Morning, Extra or the WWOR-TV news story where I issued my $50,000.00 challenge with cash in hand.

BestBuy-selling-illegal-RMR-productsDuring the WWOR report I approached Raul, the head engineer of RMR at their display booth with a wad of $100.00 bills in hand. With cameras rolling I challenged Raul to prove to the news media and I that their product worked as advertised in the parking lot where off duty Las Vegas Metro police officers were set up with radar guns. Raul stated “Our product will not work in a parking lot!” I then offered to do the test on any street in the Las Vegas area he shook his head no!

My first cause of action tonight after confirming that Best Buy was selling these illegal devices was to write and mail the following letter to Michael Carowitz, the Chief of Staff of Enforcement at the Federal Communications Commission.

In this letter I reminded Mr. Carowitz of our nine year crusade, his agency’s enforcement actions and how we’ve had enlisted the help of Senator Kay Hutchison of Texas to take up our cause.

I also commented on how our supporters took action when Radio Shack decided to carry the Rocky Mountain Radar products and a wave of complaints and boycotts followed suit that overwhelmed the customer service department.

Therefore I’m begging anyone that is reading this post to take the following action to encourage Best Buy to reconsider their decision and remove the Rocky Mountain Radar products by:

1) Contacting Best Buy Customer Support alerting them of this post using these venues:
a) Their Community Forum:
b) By telephone; 1-888-237-8289
c) Website Contact Page

2) Alerting your friends and family through social media and posting a link to this article on;
a) Twitter
b) Facebook
c) MySpace

3) Bookmark, Digg, post information about this post with;
a) Dig
b) Stumble
c) or any other forum or social media properties you maybe active with

4) Contact United States Senator Kay Hutchison of Texas letting her know that the Federal Communications Commission has failed in its follow-up against Michael Churchman and Rocky Mountain Radar:

5) Email your complaint to the Federal Communications Commission with a link to this post at;

6) And last, but not least contact Rocky Mountain Radar and let Michael Churchman know that OUR crusade continues:
a) Email Form
b) Telephone: 915-587-0307
c) Fax: 915-587-6408

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