Best Buy is STILL Defrauding Its Customers, Selling Illegal Rocky Mountain Radar Scramblers!

August 14, 2009 – Morristown, Az
On July 31, 2009 I received my first response regarding my complaint that I had forward to the Federal Communication Commission regarding Best Buy marketing and selling illegal radar jammers/scramblers on their website from United States Senator John Mc Cain in where he thanked me for bringing this violation to his attention.
Then today I received a letter from Jamie L. Friede a Customer Relations Specialist from Best Buy.
Mr. Freide writes “As I’m sure that you understand, radar detectors are not illegal in all states that while we most certainly respect your position as well as your cause, we will be able to sell these items legally on to customers”
I assume from Mr. Freide’s response that he didn’t take the time to read that my concern as it was not that was selling radar detectors, but devices manufactured by Rocky Mountain Radar and marketed as radar scramblers.
The Federal Communications Act of 1934 as amended makes it illegal to market/sell/advertise devices to jam police radar and other RF devices.
In fact, the FCC had cited numerous other retailers for selling the exact same items.
In response, I wrote the following letter in which I outline:

  1. I agreed that radar detectors are not illegal in all fifty states; however the item(s) that he is selling on his website is advertised as “Radar Scramblers” which IS illegal in all fifty states!
  2. Other retailers who have sold and/or marketed these devices have been cited by the Federal Communications Commission for selling these identical products under Section 503(b)(5) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C 503(b)(5) the marketing in the United States certain police radar jamming devices which include;,, the Twister Group, Hoeffener International, Hilton AG, LTD, Global Trade Group LTD and Electronic Retail Solutions.
  3. That El Paso Better Business Bureau lists an unsatisfactory record against Rocky Mountain Radar based upon a total of 21 complaints filed during a 36 month period.
  4. The slews of complaints filed against Rocky Mountain Radar and President Michael Churchman with the US Federal Trade Commission, several of which address the deceptive advertising Rocky Mountain Radar uses.
  5. The numerous television news reports about Rocky Mountain Radar’s deceptive advertising practices that have aired on ABC’s 20/20, CBS Good Morning, Extra, WREG-TV, KWWL-TV and the UPN Network.
  6. That I personally offer a $50,000.00 reward to ANYONE that can show me a product from Rocky Mountain Radar that works as they advertise in jamming/scrambling radar.
    And that;  

    • Marketing/selling the RMR-C435 and RMR- C450 on their web site, listed as a “fully integrated scrambler” Best Buy is in violation of 47 U.S.C. 302(b) and SS 333 as your company is marketing for sale the use of RF devices designed to intentionally jam and/or interfere with licensed radio services or other RF devices, specifically law enforcement radar equipment.
    • And by continuing to market the RMR-C450 and RMR-C435 Best Buy has certainly lowered its concern for its customers by partnering with a company with such a mired reputation.

My family and I are continuing our boycotting of their stores and we asking for your help!
Jamie Friede can be reached at:
Best Buy Customer Care
P.O. Box 9312
Minneapolis, Mn 55440

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