Experts Say Rocky Mountain Radar Jammers/Scramblers Don’t Work

If you show me a Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer/Scramber that works, I’ll pay you $50,000! – Radar Roy

Rocky Mountain Radar rewardAs a retired police officer, certified radar instructor and being involved now for over 19 years in the speeding ticket counter measurement community, I’ve been testing Rocky Mountain Radar’s products for over 20 years and I’ve never found one that had any effect in jamming a police radar and/or laser gun.

Because of this I’ve been offering my $50,000 reward to anyone that can show me an RMR device that works as they advertise.

Here is What the Other Experts Say About Rocky Mountain Radar Jammers/Scramblers.

ABC 20/20 – “The Rocky Mountain Radar device was a total failure.

American Journal – “On a scale from 1 to 10 the RMR device scored 0, it was totally ineffective

CBS Good Morning – “Don’t waste your money on a Phazer

Extra TV– “Skip this product, it has no effect in jamming police radar

KING-TV – “Anyone that buys this product got shafted.

KTYT-TV – “if you are going to speed you might as well save your money for court costs and fines this doesn’t work.

KWWL-TV – “The Rocky Mountain Radar jammer does not work.

WWOR-TVThe Rocky Mountain Radar jammer was busted by the cops radar.

National Highway Safety Status Report –  “The RMR is just as effective as you putting a block of wood on your dash.”