Extra TV Tests the Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer

“… skip this product.”

Air Date: May, 1997
Summary: EXTRA News Segment
Correspondent: Rick Schwartz

You may have seen the ads in newspapers and magazines, it is a device called The Phazer, but does it work?

Rick Schwartz:

The Phazer is here, a device is that promises to jam police radar allowing you to slip pass through radar traps like a stealth bomber.

Ads claim that the device bounces radar signals back to the with an added FM signal, claiming to give police radar an electronic lobotomy.

The Phazer costs about $200, not much to it, just attach it to your windshield.

Testing was performed the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office test track in California.

A “tattle tail” speed sign was set up and The Phazer had no effect.
Deputy Bill Sommers
Deputy Bill Sommers takes a Falcon radar gun and gets lock in at 58 mph with a car equipped with a Phazer.

Bill then uses a laser gun and gets a reading every time at 58 mph. “Nailed again” at 1,000 feet away.
If your looking at staying out of trouble, skip this product.

Rocky Mountain Radar Has No Comment

EXTRA contacted Rocky Mountain Radar three times, but unlike their bold ads, they had nothing to say.