FCC Files Notice for Forfeiture Against Rocky Mountain Radar!

On January 31, 2007 the Federal Communications Commission filed a Notice Of Apparent Liability For Forfeiture against Rocky Mountain Radar for willful and repeated violations of Section 302(b) of the Federal Communications Act of 1934 in the amount of $25,000.

The FCC Notice indicate that there were “several informal complaints” alleging that RMR was manufacturing and marketing unauthorized police radar jammers in the USA. The FCC obtained the RMR-S201 and the RMRC450 for testing purposes and found that these two devices were intentional radiators, which require FCC type acceptance under Section 15.201

Section 302(b) requires that no person shall manufacture, import, offer for sale, or ship devices which fail to comply with regulations.

Further, Section 333 of the Act prohibits any person from willfully or maliciously interfering with of causing the interference to any radio communications of any station licensed or authorized by the FCC.

The FCC also note that the RMR-C450 and the RMR-S201 are not eligible for a grant of certification because of its design.

Under Section 503(b)(2)(c) the FCC is authorized to assess a maximum forfeiture of $11,000 for each violation,or each day of a continuing violation, up to $97,000 for any single continuing violation.

From sources familiar with this investigation, Radar Roy was told that the FCC will be continuing their investigation, following through with other retailers and distributors of these Rocky Mountain Radar products and may also follow through with inventory and seizure of these products.

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