Get Radar Roy’s $50,000 Reward for Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer

The Radar Roy Challenge!

Radar Roy Says:

“I’ll give anyone $50,000 if they bring me a Rocky Mountain Radar jammer that works …

Radar Roys $50,000 challengeI haven’t had one person take me up on it, including any representative of the biggest maker of these jammers, Rocky Mountain Radar!”

Challenge First issued in 1998

Radar Roy first issued the Radar Roy Challenge in 1998, and since then he has contacted radar jammer manufactures, distributors, retailers and devoted users of these products.

Radar Roy turned down.

Radar Roy Raises Bounty to $50,000

Radar Roy raises the bounty to $50,000 in a confrontation with CEO and founder of Rocky Mountain Radar, Mike Churchman

News Services Welcome!

Radar Roy encourages news services including television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines to arrange a testing venue for the Radar Roy Challenge.

The Details

Rocky Mountain Radar rewardIf you or your company wants to take the Radar Roy Challenge, here are the details:


  • The product(s) tested must be an electronic counter measure device, currently sold and marketed in the USA and advertised as a passive radar/ laser jammer and/or scrambler.Currently, these devices include and are limited to:
    • Phazer II
    • RMR-C430
    • RMR-C450
    • RMR-C475
    • RMR-8DS
    • RMR-RS202
    • RMR-RS202D
    • RMR D-540
    • RMR Moto-Raptor
    • RMR Kat-Traxx
    • Super Stealth 9000
    • Ninja G3 – Obliterator (Marketed in Australia)

    Devices designed to send out its own jamming signal (active) are not included in this challenge.

  • The testing must be performed by active US law enforcement officers certified in police radar and laser enforcement. These officers maybe in “off duty status” but must perform the testing in uniform and with the written permission and/or with a off duty work permit from their respective agency.
  • The radar and laser guns used in testing, must be on the approved radar/laser equipment list from the International Association of Chief’s of Police. Tests will be performed using X band, K band, Ka band, and Laser. The device must jam all radar and laser bands.
  • The jamming range of the device must be at least 1000 feet of the radar/laser guns to a minimum distance of 100 feet.
  • The vehicles used in this test will be examined thoroughly prior to and after the test, to identify any tampering or the installation of any active laser/radar jamming equipment.
  • You agree to be video taped and photographed along with your equipment during the test and agree that these results will be posted on Radar Roy’s Web sites, Speed Measurement Laboratories articles, and in local and national magazines and television broadcasts.

The loser will also agree to:

  • Pay any and all expenses of the test, including but not limited to: rental fees (testing vehicles, radar/laser equipment), airfare, wages of police personnel, hotel fees.

RadarRoyvsRMR2-1Rocky Mountain Radar responds:

This information was published on Rocky Mountain Radar’s website in response to our challenge, here is their response with Radar Roy’s rebuttal.

We have had many visitors to our website(s) contact Rocky Mountain Radar asking why they have not taken Roy up on his challenge.

Rocky Mountain Says “The reward is a sham: first you have to send Radar Roy $5,000; then you have to hire his friend, Carl Fors to run the test $2,500; then you have to pay all of Radar Roy’s and Carl Fors ‘travel expenses’; then you have to agree to let Fors test the units as he wishes to…if one survived all this you get your 5000 back plus the reward (try to collect!) and you are out all the expenses of about $10,000. This is all to play against a stacked deck….no thanks!”
Radar Roy Says First off you don’t have to send me anything, all you need to do is agree to take my challenge.
As my challenge plainly states, the testing must be performed by active US law enforcement officers certified in police radar and laser enforcement. These can be ANY active police officer, as long as they are certified.However, the loser must agree to pay all expenses of the test, including air fare, rental fees, lodging, and officer expenses.
With news cameras rolling at the 2005 Las Vegas SEMA show, Radar Roy asked Rual, the head engineer of RMR, to take him up on his challenge in the parking lot with Las Vegas Metro Police Officers shooting the radar guns. Raul declined stating “Our jammer will not work in a parking lot”
Rocky Mountain Radar Says “We have our products tested by reputable universities that test what the product does and also any weaknesses; it has no front-end bias. They proved our units do exactly what we say they do. If you want to listen to the other guys’ hired guns, that is your prerogative; we prefer unvarnished truth.”
Radar Roy Says Name the university and the tester!
As 20/20 news reported, when they attempted to verify the testimonials the University of Denver researcher R.R. D PhD said his quote was taken out of context and the spokesman from the Nebraska State Patrol added “The Phazer is a piece of {expletive deleted} that doesn’t work.”