Possession of a Radar Jammer is a Felony!

Radar Jammers Are Illegal


Stiff Penalties for Radar Jammers Users

Banned in 1997

Felony Rocky Mountain Radar JammerThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) banned the sale and use of radar jammers in December of 1997.

At the time an FCC spokesman said “the action sends a clear message to all manufactures that the FCC will strictly enforce its rules to prevent harmful interference to police radar“.

If You Are Caught – It’s Gonna’ Cost Ya’!

This law covers both active and passive radar jammers.

If the FCC finds that you willfully and repeatedly interfere with radio signals by using a radar jammer, you could pay as much as $11,000 for each violation (up to a total of $75,000) and/or you could be sent to jail.

Both manufacturers and jammer owners are culpable.

FCC Finds Rocky Mountain Radar in Violation

In 1997, the FCC found Rocky Mountain Radar in violation of this chapter. Rocky Mountain Radar filed an appeal with Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals and it was rejected.

However, this appeal has no enforcement teeth by the FCC.

Advertising Radar Jammers is Illegal

Radar jammer commercials by Rocky Mountain Radar were found to be illegal by the FCC and radio stations were forced to remove them,

Many States Now Ban Radar Jammers

Several states have promulgated bans on radar jammers. These states include California, Utah, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Minnesota.

Laser Jamming is LEGAL!

Laser is light, not radio waves so this spectrum is not regulated by the FCC  but by the Federal Food and Drug administration and there are NO FEDERAL LAWS prohibiting you in jamming police laser.

Get Something that Works and is LEGAL!

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