KWWL News Tests the Rocky Mountain Radar Jammer

“… the fine for having a Phazer II radar jammer is $82 and it doesn’t work .”

Air Date: June 21, 2005

You may have heard about them on the radio…or seen them for sale on the internet. Phazer II radar jammers claim to help drivers speed up…and steer clear of speeding tickets.

But just because you can buy them…doesn’t mean they’re legal…and it doesn’t mean they work. KWWL put the Phazer II to the test.

The makers of the device, Rocky Mountain Radar, are making some big claims. They say it will get you out of any speeding ticket and if it doesn’t they’ll pay it. But does it really work? We asked the Iowa State Patrol to find out.”

Drivers have been using radar detectors and jammers for years now, but there is a big difference between the two: jammers are illegal in Iowa. “You can not possess or sell it and it is seizable property,” says Trooper John Baber.

Baber is familiar with radar jammers and says a good trooper can tell when one’s being used. “If I look at a car and see them coming at a rapid speed, I turn on the radar and I’m not getting anything on it or I’m getting a speed substantially lower than what I know it is I’m going to take a look at that car and find out what’s going on,” he says.

To find out if radar jammers really works, KWWL bought a Phazer II radar jammer online and asked Baber to test it out. “You go up so far then come back at me and leave it off and then let me know when you turn it on we’ll see what happens with the radar,” he said.

We installed the jammer in a black jeep and followed it for several miles. “It’s not working. Seventy-five,” Baber noted.

Time after time Baber’s radar picked up the speed of the jeep. Not once was the radar affected by the jammer. Only when we stuck it directly in front of the radar gun…did a reading register. “This thing doesn’t put out enough of a signal to jam our radar…at least this model doesn’t,” Baber says.

Baber also told us the radio station in Waterloo that was playing the ads for the radar jammers has stopped after finding out they were illegal.

Right now, the fine for having a Phazer II radar jammer is $82. But come July 1st, that amount jumps to about $100. That’s when Iowa’s interstate speed limit goes up to 70 miles an hour.