Radar Roy Raises the Bounty to $50,000!

On November 2, 2006 Radar Roy personally issued his $5000.00 challenge to CEO and founder of Rocky Mountain Radar, Michael Churchman at the Stratosphere Casino in Las Vegas Nevada, during the SEMA convention.

This meeting was unplanned, but was captured on a video recording device by an individual present during the confrontation.
Mr. Churchman first responded to Radar Roy saying that his test was rigged and that it had to be performed by Carl Fors at Speed Measurement Laboratories. Roy responded that was not the case, that Carl Fors had no involvement in his challenge, that he would even let Mike Churchman hold the radar and laser guns, that all he asked that there would be an impartial party involved to judge the test.

At first Mr. Churchman seemed taken aback and replied “Let me think about this” but then quickly responded, I don’t have anything to prove to you, just to my customers and they already know my product works, so no, your $50,000.00 means nothing to me.

Radar Roy then offered to raise the challenge to $50,000.00 and Mr. Churchman stated “I don’t care if you make it five million dollars” I have nothing to gain. Radar Roy responded by saying that potential customers would have something to gain, knowing that a product actually worked as advertised and that he (Radar Roy) would get off his back in seeing for the first time, an actual product that worked.

Mr. Churchman related that Radar Roy’s challenge had no effect on his operation, other then perhaps losing a sale here and there. Even letters that he had written to DBL and Cabellas about him selling illegal jammers had no effect.

Radar Roy then asked if he had no effect, why would he dispute his video right on the home page of his website. Mr. Churchman related that Roy’s video was all rigged and that you could tell that by looking at the lights on the detector, they were not on. Mr. Churchman related that he had since removed Radar Roy’s name from his homepage, and that he was just a footnote now, buried on the site.

Mr. Churchman was also asked why his products were removed from the Radio Shack stores and he related that Radar Roy’s actions had no effect what so ever, that his detectors were outselling the Radio Shack brand and only had a 2% return rate.

Since Radar Roy personally raised the challenge to $50,000.00 to Michael Churchman, he has decided to let that offer stand. And that if ANYONE can show him a passive radar jammer that works in scrambling the speed of a vehicle so equipped with such a device.

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