Rocky Mountain Radar commercial is illegal!

Sooner or later you will hear Rocky Mountain Radar’s Commercial playing on your car radio, it goes something like this:

“Make your car invisible to all types of speed detection equipment, including radar and laser, with The Phazor. The Phantom even guarantees if you get a ticket the manufacturer will pay your fine. The Phazor is a 100 percent guaranteed or your speeding ticket is paid. So, don’t wait call 800-711-9397, that’s 800-711-9397. Call 800-711-9397 NOW! Not available in California, Minnesota, Nebraska, Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah or Washington D.C. Certain restrictions apply to guarantee. Call for details.”

Well the FCC has recently ruled that this radio advertisement is illegal!

RMR Radio CommercialOn July 10th, 2006 The Chief of Staff of the Federal Communications Commission, Michael Carowitz, sent Senator Hutchison this letter in which he states: “The Marketing, including radio advertising for sale, and use of RF devices designed to intentionally jam or interfere with licensed radio services is illegal”

We are forwarding this letter to radio stations that we learn of that are playing this commercial and also providing the FCC with the information about the radio station.

(Download this pdf for link:

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