Rocky Mountain Radar Consumer Complaints

Are you considering puchasing a Rocky Mountain Radar product?

If you are please review some of these complaints filed by customers.

El Paso Better Business Bureau

BBB Complaints RMRThe El Paso BBB lists RMR as having an UNSATISFACTORY RECORD based upon a total of 21 complaints filed against RMR within the last 36 months, six of which were closed in 2007

Many of these complaints involve Rocky Mountain Radar’s claim that they will pay the fine for a ticket that is received within one year of the product purchase.

United States Federal Trade Commission

Under the Freedom Of Information Act, Radar Roy has obtained complaints filed by customers of Rocky Mountain Radar with the United States Federal Trade Commission.

  • Date of Complaint: 5-17-2005
    REF: 6122031
    Synopsis: Customer states that he purchased a Rocky Mountain Radar jammer and that the product did not work and after the first week he had to send it back for repair. It took three weeks for RMR to repair it and it still did not work. Customer attempted to return the jammer, but was denied a refund because it was outside the 30 day return policy.
  • Date of Complaint: 7-7-2004
    REF: 4663458,
    Synopsis: Customer complains that Rocky Mountain Radar’s products do not work and asks why they are allowed to continue “scamming” innocent consumers
  • Date of Complaint: 4-4-2004
    REF: 4323209
    Synopsis: Customer states that he has over 65 pages of backup documentation that RMR and their dealers are committing fraud by deceptive advertising.
    In field tests, RMR units fail to jam (or scramble) radar or laser at all
    That the radar detectors sold by RMR compare very poorly with other radar detectors.
    Customer asked Rocky Mountain Radar for a refund and they declined
  • Date of Complaint: 4-7-2004
    REF: 4276073
    Synopsis: Customer states that he filed a complaint on March 5th, 2004 and never heard anything
  • Date of Complaint: 4-7-2004
    REF: 4108262
    Synopsis: Customer states that Rocky Mountain Radar engages in deceptive advertising nationwide. RMR promotes that their products nullify traffic law enforcement devices. There is no validity to these claims and these products are sold knowing that they do not work.
  • Date of Complaint: 10-27-2003
    REF: 3479142
    Synopsis: Customer purchased a Phazor II and that RMR claimed that this product “makes your car invisible to both radar and laser”
    Customer did get a ticket and RMR refused to honor their ticket guarantee.
  • Date of Complaint: 10-16-2002
    REF: 2417978
    Synopsis: Customer claims that the products RMR make are a fraud. Customer read two reviews in magazines that tested the product and stated that they did not work. Customer tested the unit himself and found that it did not work also.
  • Date of Complaint: 8-28-2002
    REF: 2273343
    Synopsis: Customer purchased a Phazer II and received a speeding ticket on the interstate from an officer using a laser gun.
    The Rocky Mountain Phazer II had no effect and the police registered his speed without any problem.
    Customer requested a refund, to pay for attorney fees and to pay for the ticket.
  • Date of Complaint: 5-15-2002
    REF: 1983363
    Synopsis: Customer purchased a Phazer that was advertised to jam X, K Ka radar and laser. He found that it did none of the above. He felt he was defrauded.
  • Date of Complaint: 7-28-2000
    REF: 1028825
    Synopsis: The Home Shopping Network was considering selling RMR products, but prior to allowing this, the Quality Assurance Department tested the RMR products.
    The products were tested on two separate occasions by troopers of the Florida State Police with radar and laser guns.
    During the first test a representative from the HSN was involved in the test. The RMR products failed to operate.
    On the second test, a representative from RMR attended with five Phantoms. Each unit was tested five to six times and failed to jam any police radar or laser gun.
    HSN contacted Michael Churchman to inquire why his product failed to jam and he became very agitated and hung up the phone.
  • Date of Complaint: 6-4-1998
    REF: 395796
    Synopsis: Customer claims that radar jammers are illegal
    Rocky Mountain Radar Continues Their Fraud
    Even with these large number of complaints filed against these radar jamming companies, they continue the fraudulent business practices by selling products that have failed!

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  1. Hi I've bought 2 units from Rocky mountain radar and I'm very pleased with units one is a rent c430. The other is a d315 like I said had them both for 8yrs so I would recommend u testing products and another thing u can't always believe internet have a great day Roy
    • We have tested them and none of them work and this is why we still offer our $50,000 challenge after 11 years

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