Rocky Mountain Radar’s Claims

RadarRoyvsRMR2-1Outrageous Claims

Outrageous claims are business as usual for Rocky Mountain Radar and the other resellers of Passive Radar and Laser Jammers!

Speeding Ticket Rebate

Radar Roy Says There have been numerous complaints filed by customers with the El Paso Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. RMR 1-year ticket rebate covers speeding tickets that do not exceed 15 mph or 30% over the posted speed limit (which is ever less). And if and when they do pay it’s only a fraction of the amount of the fine.
Also think about it…they make an item worth maybe $20 and sell it to you for $300! If they send you back $100 after you get a ticket, they are still ahead of the game by $180!
 Rocky Mountain Radar
Rocky Mountain Radar’s Claim Their jammers will NOT jam roadside trailer signs because they do not use radar to determine speed and they do not have a sampling computer like the radar guns do. These signs merely take an average and will ignore any mixed up signals they receive. Citations cannot be issued from these signs for this reason.
Radar Roy Says Roadside Trailer signs use the same technology as those used by police officers. Passive Radar Jammer manufacturers have been besieged by callers complaining that radar speed signs were posting their speed when they passed them! These manufactures had to come up with another lie to cover their claims that these jammed ALL Police Radar and Laser guns.
Rocky Mountain Radar’s Claim Their products will work on Photo Radar.
Radar Roy Says They do not work on ANY RADAR, period.
Rocky Mountain Radar’s Claim As seen in many popular automotive magazines
Radar Roy Says To bad they also don’t quote what these magazines say about their products. Motor Trend Magazine; January 2004 issue: “While radar jammers are marketed, and our observations in El Paso show them to be totally ineffective, which is possibly the reason that their makers, while having been issued cease and desist orders by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), have not been prosecuted.
Rocky Mountain Radar’s Claim The scrambler and the combination units are illegal in OK, VA, CA, NE, UT, and Washington D.C. They are legal in some providence’s of Canada and many foreign countries.
Radar Roy Says These states above do have statues that specifically outlaw radar and/or laser jammers. By claiming that these devices are illegal, Passive Radar Jammer manufactures leave the impression that their products actually jam, they do not!
Rocky Mountain Radar’s Claim Their units were put through rigorous testing on highways, city streets, and curvy mountain roads.
Tests were conducted during different weather conditions with the most commonly used Radar and Laser guns in the US.
The tests were completed in Canada by an independent research firm.
Radar Roy Says Was the tester properly trained and certified to use these radar and laser guns? Who was the Canadian research firm and how can we contact them?
Why don’t they want to show up at one of Radar Roy’s tests to claim their $50,000 if they do work as they claim?